Nathalie Vasquez

Natalie Vasquez is currently Office Manager at Dennis & Co. In this role, she supervises accounting, payroll, and billing personnel in all dealership locations within the company. Her main responsibilities are to ensure that office employees are adequately trained, the office runs efficiently, and work goals are being achieved.

Nathalie joined the company in 2010 as Sales and Service Cashier. She quickly realized she had a knack for understanding the automotive business and became interested in advancing through the hierarchical ranks in the company. During her time at Dennis & Co., Nathalie has worked in all of the dealership accountant office positions, holding titles such as Bookkeeper, Billing Title Clerk Manager, and Office Manager Assistant.

Having worked in a variety of roles within the company, Nathalie has developed a broad perspective on how the automotive industry works. In addition, she is skilled at time management and exhibits strong leadership skills.

Natalie was raised in the Bronx and continues to live there with her two children, Eric and Annalie. In her free time, Natalie enjoys traveling with her family and friends.